We would like to give our personal endorsement to Pastor Rawal Masih and his work with the Power of Salvation International Ministries. His love for all of those who have never heard the name of Jesus and His saving grace is evident in the compassion and love he shows forth daily in his work for the Lord.

We feel blessed that we can prayerfully support this ministry and share in helping Pastor Masih to “carry the cross, no matter the cost” holding high the banner of Christ.

To God be the Glory for Great Things He Has Done!

Charles and Patsy Reeder,

Embalmer/Funeral Director at Ridge Funeral Home

Asheboro, North Carolina

I am happy to endorse the ministry of Evangelist Rawal Masih Rawal is an effective and committed Evangelist who has a passion for people to come to Christ. Rawal truly understands the importance of preaching God’s message knowing that “Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God” I commend him and Power of Salvation Ministries International to you.

Alex Bowler,

International Evangelist of Alex Bowler Evangelism



I know Evangelist Rawal Masih for some last seven good years. He is an energetic vessel in God’s hands to reach the lost souls as his passion to see the kingdom of God being advanced is on ablaze. Being his mentor and brother in the body of Christ I highly recommend this man of God. He has experienced personally the power of Gospel working first in him and then through him that first set him free from drugs abuse and immorality and now is working through him to set others free around him in the same fashion in the same captives. Rawal keep burning, advancing and reaching your destiny.

Love you my bro.

Dr. Amir Manohar,

Founder and President Without Walls Believers Ministries Former President, Sialkot

Christian Leadership Council Sialkot Pakistan

Praise the Lord! It is my heart joy to write down some words for my brother in Christ Evangelist and Apostle Rawal Masih & Power of Salvation International Ministries. He with his ministry is a humble man of God with a heart to reach nations with Gospel truth.

In Love,

Bishop George Thiongo

Agape Fellowship Ministry, Nairobi Kenya East Africa


Pastor Rawal Masih the Evangelist truly has a heart for reaching others who thirst for the Truth that can only be found through our Lord Jesus. He ministers in obedience to the Spirit, and his walk of Faith in our Lord has encouraged and strengthened relationship of many with Christ Jesus in Uganda. Brother Rawal listens to the Lord and is obedient to the calling and purpose that our Heavenly Father has placed in his heart. There are no limitations for the Spirit, and he uses the Ministry to evangelize the message of Grace and Faith not only locally but internationally. It is an honor to endorse my brother in Christ.

Pastor Rogers Sserwadda Mwesigwa,


West Kampala Pastors Association,

All the Living Vessels Churches in Uganda

Our association with Evangelist Rawal Masih is about eighteen years long. We have great journey together since we were not born again in Lord Jesus. We grew up together, baptized in water same day, possibly stand for each other. Though this relation started from neighborhood in a town but I believe we have eternal relation in Jesus Christ.

Evangelist Rawal Masih is a modern missionary Evangelist with innovative approach. I love his approach and great intention for the thirsty & captive souls. I am very enthusiastic about his vision and his role as Pastor and Evangelist. He is truly a man of Faith. I always esteemed his remarkable commitment for Gospel of Jesus Christ. And I pray he and his ministry may source of blessings for many nations.

In Christ,

Aftab Saleem & Lazely Aftab

Sialkot, Pakistan

May 24, 2016.