Rev. Dr. Charles Reeder

Is steering Power of Salvation International Ministries in United States as the President. He is bearing the burden on his heart to plant churches in Pakistan. He with his family is focused to run this ministry in United States with many volunteers around America. He always devotes himself to make international tours to the countries where Power of Salvation International ministries operates world wide. He is overseeing reports on Church Planting and Evangelism and makes sure to support broken families in persecutions or natural break downs through this ministry. With His wife He is residing in 1301 NC Highway 49 South, Asheboro, NC 27205 Randolph.




 Rev. Pr. Rawal Masih

He is the President of Power of Salvation International Ministries in Pakistan. Also the Principle of ” Acts Theological Institute of Ministry ” He oversees churches & all missions of Ministry in Pakistan. The ordained Pastor is the first generation preacher of his family. An aspiring preacher anointed to preach the breakthrough Message of the Gospel of Christ Jesus. He believes in God as the Father; Jesus the Son of the Living God; the Holy Ghost as Teacher and Helper of the Church. Who convicts the hearts of mankind to repent over sins, also drawing them towards Jesus Christ who was crucified, risen & now lives in Heaven interceding for the whole Church and everyone who turns to Him as Lord and Savior, “The only Way to God considered for Salvation”.




Moses Emuze 

Is a dynamic minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ. He is the carrier of the vision ‘World Evangelism Vision’ which has started in Asia region, mainly Pakistan. His heart’s desire and purpose is to see (young) men and woman accept the Lordship of Jesus Christ in their hearts and fulfil their life God-given purpose. Moses and his wife carry the burden of taking the gospel to the ends of the earth before the rapture of the church. Moses and his precious wife are based in the Netherlands, Europe from where they plan and carry out the mandate of World Evangelism Vision. Moses has preached the gospel of the Lord Jesus in several continents such as Europe, North America, Africa, and Asia. Moses is a preacher that believes in the miracle working ability of God. He has experienced the hand of God working during his meetings and have seen the sick received their healing. His heart cry is to bring the gospel to the end of the earth before the snatching away of the church by the Lord.



Akhtar Saleem

is the Pastor of power of salvation international ministries. He is much involved in debating with non Christians and brings them the message of salvation one by one. He has been working for the goodness of Christian youth and Education for adult in case they can read the Holy Bible. Akhtar Saleem is black belt in Martial Arts Kung Fu thus he teaches self defense to youth of different churches. He has a serving heart that is making difference in Pakistani Church.  He is married to a beautiful and faithful wife Shazia Elizabeth with two sons Mickail & Anosh. His wife is a good helper in church ministering. His is residing with his family in Fateh Garh Sialkot, Punjab Pakistan.




Bro. Haroon Eric

Is the the wonderful man of God called Evangelist most importantly serving through street evangelism and helping out Pastors to build up new churches in different area. He is an living example of Saint Andrew. A man who always is ready to win each soul for Christ at a time. He lives in Sialkot & is the Evangelist of Power of Salvation International Ministries USA-PAK. He energetic to use his skills towards ministry managements. He is the first man in his family turned to  Christ who not just saved himself but brought salvation to hundreds through his uncommon commitment for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.




Edgar Saleem(Christian Apologist)

Is a teacher of apologetics in Acts theological Institute of Ministry under Pastor of Power of Salvation International Ministries. He loves to teach the word to qualify men and women of God to defend their faith on the bible against Islam. He debates with non Christians as he is an Christian Apologist. He is the faculty member of ATI-M a man of committed heart towards theological Education that is making difference in Pakistani Church. He resides with his family in Essa Nagri, Narowal Punjab Pakistan.




Ijaz Masih

In 2010 God himself moved on the heart of Ijaz Masih to drawn him near and make Him know to him. The same year I went to the bible college and completed my Bachelor of theology in 2013. During time in ministry God exalted him and gave me opportunity to preach the Gospel not just in Pakistan also in Malaysia. I ministered there for 7 months. Returning back from Malaysia I started Gospel Mission International Ministry. He is working with Acts Theological Institute of Ministry Under Power of Salvation International Ministries as a teacher.




CA Thomas Masih

(Born May 19, 1994) is Coordinator of Power of Salvation International Ministries Co. Usa Pakistan, a Pentecostal organization based in Sialkot, also registered as an non-profit 501c3 in North Carolina USA. Also he is the founder of Christian Research Center contributed many articles in the defense of Christianity and wrote one book.He earned B.Th, M.Div degrees from Berea Bible College, Faith Theological Seminary.

Thomas served as an Evangelist of Living Gospel Assemblies Karachi , from 2015 until 2019. He became Lecturer at Christian Research Center in Karachi in 2015, and was installed as Pastor in Church of Power of Salvation International Ministries.2020.

Serving and Served as Teacher At

Berea Bible Collage, Karachi Christian Apologetics, Christian Research Center, TM School of Apologetics, Apologetics Camps, Trinitarian Pentecostal Seminary In Karachi,Lahore,Gujrawala,Narowal Served as Speaker In Seminars

Thomas Masih often engages in public debate,  covering topics such as  Islam, Mormonism, the, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and Only Jesus(Oneness), Messianic Jews.

Publish Work

ایلی ایلی لما شبقتنی
Many Articles in Defense of Christianity


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